Vacation Rental FAQ - Sun and Sage Property Services
  • Vacation Rental FAQ

  • What is included in the rental?

    Fully equipped kitchen which includes oven, stove, microwave, coffee maker, dishes, glassware, flatware, cooking pots/pans and utensils, some basic herbs & spices may also be included. Plan to bring any specialty cooking supplies or utensils you might need during your stay. (A basic supply of cleaning items is also provided, hope you don’t need them, you are on vacation!)

    • Linens, including all bedding and towels.
    • Start-up supply of toilet paper (a couple of rolls), paper towels (at least one full roll),
    • laundry detergent, garbage bags, soap. There is a very nice Ray’s Food Place and Bi-Mart, should you need additional items.
    • Deck/Patio furniture.
    • Most have BBQ’s, see individual rentals.
    • Cable or satellite TV and DVD players, see individual rentals. Internet is provided in
    • many of our rentals.
    • Most have air conditioning, see individual rentals.
    • Most rentals have propane fireplaces. If your rental has a wood burning fireplace, some owners provide firewood and some don’t. Please see individual rental policy.

    New 2014 Pet Policy




    All guests that rent properties managed by Sun & Sage Property Services agree to abide by the following rules & regulations regarding their dogs:

    1. Pets may only be allowed in designated properties and must have a signed Pet Policy Agreement with Sun & Sage Property Services.
    2. Only one (1) dog is allowed per property unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing with Sun & Sage Property Services.Pet owner is responsible for all of their dog’s behaviors and agrees to comply with all Eagle Crest Resort rules and regulations including but not limited to the following:
    1. Dogs are not allowed on/in beds or furniture.
    2. Pet owner is to insure that their dog does no damage to the vacation rental property and understands that the cost of any damage will automatically be deducted from their security/damage deposit.
    3. All dogs are to be kept on a leash at all times.
    4. Dogs are not allowed on of the golf courses at any time.
    5. All waste must be removed immediately by pet owner & deposited in appropriate outdoor receptacle or garbage can.
    6. Pet owner agrees to not leave dog alone or unattended in the rental property.  In the event the dog must be left alone, the pet owner agrees to keep the dog in the dog’s crate only.
    7. Dog may not be left on the deck/patio, unattended at any time, crated or otherwise.
    8. Dog must not disturb other guests of the Resort by barking/howling or otherwise making noise.  Should there be complaints about pet noise, pet owners will immediately insure the noise stops.A second complaint is grounds for eviction.Pet Fees – The following non-refundable fees are in addition to the rent for said vacation property:$20/day additional rent will be added to the property’s daily rateCLEANING FEE – An additional $25 cleaning fee

      DAMAGE – Any pet damage will automatically be deducted from guests’ security/damage deposit


    Can we clean up after ourselves and save some money and save on the cleaning fee?

    The short answer is no, however please let us explain. We want you to come to one of our rentals to relax and enjoy your vacation, not to clean the tub before you dare set foot into it or wonder if you really want to crawl into the bed before washing the sheets. We know from experience that not everyone’s idea of clean is the same. The only way we can guarantee a high standard of cleanliness is by having our professional staff do the cleaning. It is our pleasure and responsibility to provide a fresh clean home for you to enjoy during your stay. Everyone benefits from a high standard of cleanliness and efficiency.

    We are bringing our well behaved dog, but don’t want to pay the additional pet fee, so we are going to sneak the dog in.

    Some homeowners have graciously chosen to allow you to bring your dog and some have decided not to allow dogs in their home for varying reasons; allergies, risk of damage, etc. We must respect their wishes and we must know ahead of time if you are planning to bring your best doggy friend. No “sneaking in” is allowed. If we discover you have brought an unauthorized pet into a rental, there will be a $500 charge and you will be asked to leave without a refund.

    If your rental allows pets, the pet fee covers the privilege of you being allowed to have your dog with you and the additional clean up required to ensure that the home, furniture and property are fresh and clean for the next guests.

    Our dog is well behaved and we are sure it won’t cause any damage, so we are going to bring it to our rental that is not dog friendly, no one will ever know.

    If you decide to bring a dog to a home that is not pet friendly, you will be evicted without refund and will be charged up to $500 cleaning fee for removal of pet dander, odors, stains and damage.

    We are bringing our dog to one of your dog friendly rentals, can we leave it at the rental alone while we go out?

    Sorry, dogs are not allowed to be left alone at the rental, inside or outside, unless you bring a crate for Fido to stay in. Crates are not provided. Never plan to leave your dog in a crate for more than an hour
    at a time, thank you. Our weather isn’t usually conducive to leaving your dog in the car for very long,
    it’s too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. If you are planning to bring your dog, please be
    sure your plans can include taking your dog with you.

    Does it cost more to bring my pet?

    yes, we charge an additional $25 cleaning fee per pet for those owners who allow pets.